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A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens

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Book the First - Recalled to Life

I The Period

II The Mail

III The Night Shadows

IV The Preparation

V The Wine-shop

VI The Shoemaker

Book the Second-the Golden Thread

I Five Years Later

II A Sight

III A Disappointment

IV Congratulatory

V The Jackal

VI Hundreds of People

VII Monseigneur in Town

VIII Monseigneur in the Country

IX The Gorgon's Head

X Two Promises

XI A Companion Picture

XII The Fellow of Delicacy

XIII The Fellow of No Delicacy

XIV The Honest Tradesman

XV Knitting

XVI Still Knitting

XVII One Night

XVIII Nine Days

XIX An Opinion

XX A Plea

XXI Echoing Footsteps

XXII The Sea Still Rises

XXIII Fire Rises

XXIV Drawn to the Loadstone Rock

Book the Third - the Track of a Storm

I In Secret

II The Grindstone

III The Shadow

IV Calm in Storm

V The Wood-Sawyer

VI Triumph

VII A Knock at the Door

VIII A Hand at Cards

IX The Game Made

X THE Substance of the Shadow

XI Dusk

XII Darkness

XIII Fifty-two

XIV The Knitting Done

XV The Footsteps Die Out For Ever