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Riddle Of The Sands

Erskine Childers

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1 The Letter

2 The 'Dulcibella'

3 Davies

4 Retrospect

5 Wanted, a North Wind

6 Schlei Fiord

7 The Missing Page

8 The Theory

9 I Sign Articles

10 His Chance

11 The Pathfinders

12 My Initiation

13 The Meaning of our Work

14 The First Night in the Islands

15 Bensersiel

16 Commander von Brning

17 Clearing the Air

18 Imperial Escort

19 The Rubicon

20 The Little Drab Book

21 Blindfold to Memmert

22 The Quartette

23 A Change of Tactics

24 Finesse

25 I Double Back

26 The Seven Siels

27 The Luck of the Stowaway

28 We Achieve our Double Aim