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Essays Of Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

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Of Truth

Of Death

Of Unity in Religion

Of Revenge

Of Adversity

Of Simulation and Dissimulation

Of Parents and Children

Of Marriage and Single Life

Of Envy

Of Love

Of Great Place

Of Boldness

Of Goodness and Goodness of Nature

Of Nobility

Of Seditions and Troubles

Of Atheism

Of Superstition

Of Travel

Of Empire

Of Counsel

Of Delays

Of Cunning

Of Wisdom for a Man's Self

Of Innovations

Of Dispatch

Of Seeming Wise

Of Friendship

Of Expense

Of the True Greatness of Kingdoms and Estates

Of Regiment of Health

Of Suspicion

Of Discourse

Of Plantations

Of Riches

Of Prophecies

Of Ambition

Of Masques and Triumphs

Of Nature in Men

Of Custom and Education

Of Fortune

Of Usury

Of Youth and Age

Of Beauty

Of Deformity

Of Building

Of Gardens

Of Negotiating

Of Followers and Friends

Of Suitors

Of Studies

Of Faction

Of Ceremonies and Respects

Of Praise

Of Vain-glory

Of Honor and Reputation

Of Judicature

Of Anger

Of Vicissitude of Things

Of Fame