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The Mystery of the Yellow Room

Gaston Leroux

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CHAPTER I In Which We Begin Not to Understand

CHAPTER II In Which Joseph Rouktabille Appears for the First Time

CHAPTER III 'A Man Has Passed Like a Shadow Through the Blinds'

CHAPTER IV 'In the Bosom of Wild Nature'

CHAPTER V In Which Joseph Rouletabille Makes a Remark to Monsieur Robert Darzac Which Produces Its Little Effect

CHAPTER VI in the Heart of the Oak Grove

CHAPTER VII In Which Rouletabille Sets Out on an Expedition Under the Bed

CHAPTER VIII The Examining Magistrate Questions Mademoiselle Stangerson

CHAPTER IX Reporter and Detective

CHAPTER X 'We Shall Have to Eat Red Meat - Now'

CHAPTER XI In Which Frederic Larsan Explains How the Murderer Was Able to Get Out of The Yellow Room

CHAPTER XII Frederic Larsan's Cane

CHAPTER XIII 'The Presbytery Has Lost Nothing of Its Charm, Nor the Garden Its Brightness'

CHAPTER XIV 'I Expect the Assassin This Evening'


CHAPTER XVI Strange Phenomenon of the Dissociation of Matter

CHAPTER XVII The Inexplicable Gallery

CHAPTER XVIII Rouletabille Has Drawn a Circle Between the Two Bumps on His Forehead

CHAPTER XIX Rouletabille Invites Me to Breakfast at the Donjon Inn

CHAPTER XX An Act of Mademoiselle Stangerson

CHAPTER XXI On the Watch

CHAPTER XXII The Incredible Body

CHAPTER XXIII The Double Scent

CHAPTER XXIV Rouletabille Knows the Two Halves of the Murderer

CHAPTER XXV Rouletabille Goes on a Journey

CHAPTER XXVI In Which Joseph Rouletabille Is Awaited with Impatience

CHAPTER XXVII In Which Joseph Rouletabille Appears in All His Glory

CHAPTER XXVIII In Which It Is Proved That One Does Not Always Think of Everything

CHAPTER XXIX The Mystery of Mademoiselle Stangerson