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20000 Leagues Under the Seas

Jules Verne

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Units of Measure


CHAPTER 1 A Runaway Reef

CHAPTER 2 The Pros and Cons

CHAPTER 3 As Master Wishes

CHAPTER 4 Ned Land

CHAPTER 5 At Random!

CHAPTER 6 At Full Steam

CHAPTER 7 A Whale of Unknown Species

CHAPTER 8 'Mobilis in Mobili'

CHAPTER 9 The Tantrums of Ned Land

CHAPTER 10 The Man of the Waters

CHAPTER 11 The Nautilus

CHAPTER 12 Everything through Electricity

CHAPTER 13 Some Figures

CHAPTER 14 The Black Current

CHAPTER 15 An Invitation in Writing

CHAPTER 16 Strolling the Plains

CHAPTER 17 An Underwater Forest

CHAPTER 18 Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific

CHAPTER 19 Vanikoro

CHAPTER 20 The Torres Strait

CHAPTER 21 Some Days Ashore

CHAPTER 22 The Lightning Bolts of Captain Nemo

CHAPTER 23 'Aegri Somnia'*

CHAPTER 24 The Coral Realm


CHAPTER 1 The Indian Ocean

CHAPTER 2 A New Proposition from Captain Nemo

CHAPTER 3 A Pearl Worth Ten Million

CHAPTER 4 The Red Sea

CHAPTER 5 Arabian Tunnel

CHAPTER 6 The Greek Islands

CHAPTER 7 The Mediterranean in Forty-Eight Hours

CHAPTER 8 The Bay of Vigo

CHAPTER 9 A Lost Continent

CHAPTER 10 The Underwater Coalfields

CHAPTER 11 The Sargasso Sea

CHAPTER 12 Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales

CHAPTER 13 The Ice Bank

CHAPTER 14 The South Pole

CHAPTER 15 Accident or Incident?

CHAPTER 16 Shortage of Air

CHAPTER 17 From Cape Horn to the Amazon

CHAPTER 18 The Devilfish

CHAPTER 19 The Gulf Stream

CHAPTER 20 In Latitude 47 degrees 24' and Longitude 17 degrees 28'

CHAPTER 21 A Mass Execution

CHAPTER 22 The Last Words of Captain Nemo

CHAPTER 23 Conclusion