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Glinda of Oz

L. Frank Baum

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Chapter One - The Call to Duty

Chapter Two - Ozma and Dorothy

Chapter Three - The Mist Maidens

Chapter Four - The Magic Tent

Chapter Five - The Magic Stairway

Chapter Six - Flathead Mountain

Chapter Seven - The Magic Isle

Chapter Eight - Queen Coo-ee-oh

Chapter Nine - Lady Aurex

Chapter Ten - Under Water

Chapter Eleven - The Conquest of the Skeezers

Chapter Twelve - The Diamond Swan

Chapter Thirteen - The Alarm Bell

Chapter Fourteen - Ozma's Counsellors

Chapter Fifteen - The Great Sorceress

Chapter Sixteen - The Enchanted Fishes

Chapter Seventeen - Under the Great Dome

Chapter Eighteen - The Cleverness of Ervic

Chapter Nineteen - Red Reera, the Yookoohoo

Chapter Twenty - A Puzzling Problem

Chapter Twenty-One - The Three Adepts

Chapter Twenty-Two - The Sunken Island

Chapter Twenty-Three - The Magic Words

Chapter Twenty-Four - Glinda's Triumph