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Rinkitink In Oz

L. Frank Baum

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Introducing this Story

Chapter One - The Prince of Pingaree

Chapter Two - The Coming of King Rinkitink

Chapter Three - The Warriors from the North

Chapter Four - The Deserted Island

Chapter Five - The Three Pearls

Chapter Six - The Magic Boat

Chapter Seven - The Twin Islands

Chapter Eight - Rinkitink Makes a Great Mistake

Chapter Nine - A Present for Zella

Chapter Ten - The Cunning of Queen Cor

Chapter Eleven - Zella Goes to Coregos

Chapter Twelve - The Excitement of Bilbil the Goat

Chapter Thirteen - Zella Saves the Prince

Chapter Fourteen - The Escape

Chapter Fifteen - The Flight of the Rulers

Chapter Sixteen - Nikobob Refuses a Crown

Chapter Seventeen - The Nome King

Chapter Eighteen - Inga Parts with his Pink Pearl

Chapter Nineteen - Rinkitink Chuckles

Chapter Twenty - Dorothy to the Rescue

Chapter Twenty One - The Wizard Finds an Enchantment

Chapter Twenty Two - Ozma's Banquet

Chapter Twenty Three - The Pearl Kingdom

Chapter Twenty Four - The Captive King