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The Magic of Oz

L. Frank Baum

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To My Readers

1. Mount Munch

2. The Hawk

3. Two Bad Ones

4. Conspirators

5. A Happy Corner of Oz

6. Ozma's Birthday Presents

7. The Forest of Gugu

8. The Li-Mon-Eags Make Trouble

9. The Isle of the Magic Flower

10. Stuck Fast

11. The Beasts of the Forest of Gugu

12. Kiki Uses His Magic

13. The Loss of the Black Bag

14. The Wizard Learns the Magic Word

15. The Lonesome Duck

16. The Glass Cat Finds the Black Bag

17. A Remarkable Journey

18. The Magic of the Wizard

19. Dorothy and the Bumble Bees

20. The Monkeys Have Trouble

21. The College of Athletic Arts

22. Ozma's Birthday Party

23. The Fountain of Oblivion