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The Patchwork Girl of Oz

L. Frank Baum

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Chapter One - Ojo and Unc Nunkie

Chapter Two - The Crooked Magician

Chapter Three - The Patchwork Girl

Chapter Four - The Glass Cat

Chapter Five - A Terrible Accident

Chapter Six - The Journey

Chapter Seven - The Troublesome Phonograph

Chapter Eight - The foolish Owl and the Wise Donkey

Chapter Nine - They Meet the Woozy

Chapter Ten - Shaggy Man to the Rescue

Chapter Eleven - A Good Friend

Chapter Twelve - The Giant Porcupine

Chapter Thirteen - Scraps and the Scarecrow

Chapter Fourteen - Ojo Breaks the Law

Chapter Fifteen - Ozma's Prisoner

Chapter Sixteen - Princess Dorothy

Chapter Seventeen - Ozma and Her Friends

Chapter Eighteen - Ojo is Forgiven

Chapter Nineteen - Trouble with the Tottenhots

Chapter Twenty - The Captive Yoop

Chapter Twenty One - Hip Hopper the Champion

Chapter Twenty Two - The Joking Horners

Chapter Twenty Three - Peace Is Declared

Chapter Twenty Four - Ojo Finds the Darkwell

Chapter Twenty Five - They Bribe the Lazy Quadling

Chapter Twenty Six - The Trick River

Chapter Twenty Seven - The Tin Woodman Objects

Chapter Twenty Eight - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz