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This website is arranged in a logical structure with the Site Map being the main entry point from where you can easily reach every page.

The Navigation Bar provides a breadcrumb trail from the Site Map to the page you are currently viewing. It helps you to understand where you are and makes it easy to move about because intermediate pages are hyperlinked. The Forward and Back buttons on your browser are also useful for moving around.

This website conforms to the general hyperlink convention that all text links are underlined and coloured blue. Text links that have already been visited change color to purple. Some images are linked and your mouse pointer will indicate this by changing to a pointing hand.

The same window is used when you follow hyperlinks unless it makes good sense to open a new one. Having windows popping up by themselves is a nuisance and everyone knows how to use the Back button on their browser. If you would like to open a link in a new window then a right mouse click over the link should produce a pop-up menu with the option "Open in New Window".

Loading speed is very important. If page loads take too long visitors wander off. Text takes up little space compared with images so the fewer images there are the quicker the web pages load. Classic Bookshelf contains only images that add significant value and are worth their loading time. The same images are used in many pages so the download penalty applies just once per visit. Compression using software makes images smaller saving download time.

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